Telemecanique Sensors

Telemecanique Sensors

Telemecanique Sensors has more than 90 years of expertise and is recognised as a worldwide specialist in the field of sensors. 

We cover the wide environment of sensors from electromechanic to electronic products and from detection to identification and distance measurement.

Watch our video presentation to discover our brand and our different product ranges.

Our values

The Telemecanique Sensors is in charge of product development from R&D to production and benefits from a worldwide network of specialist and generalist distributors, through the Schneider Electric company.

We focus on 3 core values:

Simplicity, we make it easy to choose, offering expert advice, as specialists
Proximity, we are close by, through a wide network of specialist distributors providing immediate advice and service 
Expertise, we offer our knowledge to adapt solutions to your needs, providing solutions customers can trust
We consider the protection of the environment as a key element of our strategy. We exceed environmental regulations and more than 95% of our products are RoHS compliant and free from REACH related substances of very high concern.

Our facilities are also all compliant with ISO 14 001 global standard.