Worldwide specialist for fluid technology and power transmission

SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG, well-known by its trade name SUCO, is well established as a specialist for products in the field of fluid technology and power transmission.

Pressure monitoring of hydraulic or pneumatic systems is secured by an extensive product range. Mechanical pressure and vacuum switches, tailor-made versions with plug or cable, explosion proof pressure switches according to the new ATEX directive have gained an excellent reputation all over the world.
SUCO's product range includes also electronic pressure switches, transmitters and sensors.

The product range of transmission technology includes centrifugal clutches and brakes, electromagnetic clutches and brakes as well as the combination with other transmission technology elements to a complete system.

The management follows the philosophy of securing the company's future through steady healthy growth and sustainable and careful investments. In this context, the preservation of existing jobs and the creation of new ones are a high priority. great importance.
All employees of the SUCO Group are united by the vision of supporting our international customers with technical advice and the provision of high-quality products in order to find the best solutions for demanding applications and systems.
The presence of 60 exclusive sale partners in more than 50 countries and own subsidiaries in France (SUCO VSE France) and the US (SUCO Technologies Inc) ensures a rapid response to enquiries and support for the most important markets all over the world.

In addition to new market segments, we have secured key competencies in sensor technology through the acquisition of ESI Technology Ltd. in Wrexham (Wales).

Pressure Monitoring

More than 80 years’ experience and ultra-modern production facilities enable the manufacture of high quality products. Mechanical pressure and vacuum switches, explosion proof pressure switches according to the new ATEX directive, electronic pressure switches and transmitters have gained an excellent reputation under the trade name SUCO. The product range also comprises new mechanical pressure switches “PLUS” with hex 24 and numerous intelligent electronic supplementary functions.

Mechanical pressure switches

SUCO manufactures robust mechanical pressure switches which can be adjusted in a pressure range from 0.1 to 400 bar and reach an overpressure safety up to 600 bar. Several thousands of variants of these diaphragm or piston pressure switches are being operated in different applications for almost all gaseous and liquid media.

Electronic pressure switches

SUCO’s electronic pressure switches offer high accuracy, adjustable switching points, long-term stability and robust technology in the range of 0-600 bar. Electronic evaluation of switching point permits extremely small or very large hysteresis settings. Additionally, electronic pressure switches can be equipped with supplementary functions, such as optical display or menu control.

Pressure transmitters

Because of the high overpressure safety and long life-time SUCO pressure transmitters can handle all kind of media used in pneumatic or hydraulic applications. Stainless steel housings with many different variations on both sides, mechanical and electronic, as well as customized pressure ranges make hundreds of variants available.

Pressure sensors

Our subsidiary, ESI Technology, supplies an extensive range of major industries such as Oil and Gas, Subsea, Aerospace, Process, Test and Calibration. The jewel of ESI’s sensor technologies is Silicon-on-Sapphire which has redefined the performance capability of pressure monitoring products.

SUCO pressure switches applications

SUCO pressure switches and pressure transmitters have been used in diverse applications. Typical applications are hydraulic and pneumatic control systems, medical systems as well as renewable energy applications.

  • Agriculture
  • Construction machines
  • Medical technology
  • Water
  • Plant and machinery industry
  • Renewable energies
  • Plasma cleaning