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RDP Electronics

RDP is a designer and manufacturer and distributor of LVDT displacement transducers, amplifiers, load cells and pressure sensors for use in a wide range of applications. We are privately owned by the two directors who started the company in 1966. Our extensive range LVDT displacement sensors and amplifiers are manufactured by us at our UK head office and factory. RDP was one of the first manufacturers of LVDT displacement transducers and the first to build the LVDT signal conditioning amplifier into the sensor.

Pressure sensors

Pressure sensors are devices that converts the pressure of a fluid or gas into an electrical signal. The air-line you use to fill your car tires at the fuel station or the blood pressure monitor used by your doctor both contain pressure sensors. They are many different types of pressure sensors but ours work by using a strain gauge to measure the deflection of a diaphragm as the pressure changes.


A transducer (which is also commonly known as a sensor) is a device which converts a physical parameter into an electrical signal. There are many different types of sensor which measure many different physical parameters but our range concentrates on displacement or position, load and pressure.

Series: Model Z, Model THE, Model STJE, Model FP2000, Model HP, Model LM

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