Prisma Instruments

Prisma Instruments

Prisma Instruments & Gauge Bourdon France is specialized in industrial instrumentation and process control. Our company manufactures and supplies measurement instruments of great quality for plants in various industrial sectors such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, chemistry, food industry, building...

With a large range of measurement instruments designed for all industrial fields and companies, from small to big plants, production units, engineering companies, resellers, integrators, original equipment manufacturers, Prisma Instruments & Gauge Bourdon France meet the current needs of the industrialists in terms of instrumentation and control.

A global range of products for pressure, temperature, flow, level measurement

Prisma Instruments & Gauge Bourdon France's involvement to its customers is based on two major principles, high level of competitiveness and a faultless product quality that meet the European industry standard and the industry in general.

Actually, the will of Prisma Instruments & Gauge Bourdon France is to offer to its customer top quality measurement instruments approved by multiple engineering and oil companies around the world.

Besides, Prisma Instruments & Gauge Bourdon France states its total commitment to customer satisfaction and return on investment.

Our company provide a range of measuring and regulation instruments that meets your needs and your business:

  • Pressure Instruments
  • Temperature Instruments
  • Flow Instruments
  • Level Instruments
  • Industrial computing
  • Instrumentation accessories