PIEZUS LLC is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of electronic pressure transmitters for a broad range of applications and industries.

With the goal to provide our customers with products of the highest quality we employ the latest technologies and state of the art equipment.
Our team is knowledgeable and passionate and includes experts that have decades of combined experience in the electronic pressure measurement. In addition to standard product line, we are able to develop and manufacture custom products to meet our customers' requirements.
Our manufacturing process and highly trained technicians are a guarantee of high quality products.
Our sales partners and customers from around the globe know that we are a trustworthy and responsive partner ready to anticipate their needs and meet and exceed their expectations.


Having an extensive line of its own products, Piezus LLC is also open for OEM / ODM projects. Our R&D team has years of experience in the pressure measurement industry and has all the building blocks necessary to implement virtually any custom solution in electronic pressure measurement. We've accomplished a number of challenging projects for applications such as tunnel boring machines, railroad, gas metering, and many more. Our goal is to offer a highly efficient and high quality solution at a lowest cost possible, and as fast as possible.


In our designs we use only the best and proven components from the leading and industry recognized manufacturers. Our piezoresistive pressure sensors are produced from the high quality silicone dies from the leading US manufacturer, our ceramic capacitive sensors are supplied by a leading German manufacturer. Our electronic modules are based on the ASICs produced by the most respected semiconductor companies such as Texas Instruments (USA), Renesas Electronics (Japan), Maxim Integrated (USA), and many other. We are constantly studying new technologies in electronic pressure measurement to make sure we can offer our customers the best solution at the right price.


Our state of the art production facilities are equipped with high performance machining centers by HAAS, USA. Our machines are professionally maintained to ensure the best possible quality and precision of all mechanical parts we produce for our products. We have an extensive range of welding capabilities, including state of the art machines for resistance welding, laser welding, spot welding. We use sophisticated helium leak detection process to verify the quality of our welds. We provide oil filling of various types for remote diaphragm seals. Our calibration facilities are equipped with high precision metrology instruments by GE Druck (USA) and HP (USA). We provide temperature calibration and compensation from the lowest to the highest temperatures using our high performance thermal and humidity test chambers. Our injection molding machines add flexibility to the spectrum of our capabilities. Our SMT PCB production line allows us to manufacture limited quantities of electronic modules when we need them fast. Our sophisticated enterprise manufacturing software ensures that every product we make is tracked from our parts warehouse to our completed products warehouse through every manufacturing step on time, so that our customers get their orders as soon as possible. Thousands of our customers know that Piezus's production quality is exceptional.