JC sensors

Jiangsu Jiucheng Sensor Technology CO.,LTD (JC sensors)

Jiangsu Jiucheng Sensor Technology CO.,LTD is specialized in R&D and production of pressure measuring and controlling instruments. Jiucheng Sensor has introduced the internationally advanced production technology, equipment and process as well as strict product quality standards and ODM cooperation concept to China, so as to manufacture and sell JC pressure / differential pressure / liquid level sensors and transducers in mainland China.

Jiucheng pressure transmitters are divided into six categories totaling hundreds of specifications in dozens of series. Main pressure transmitters include: high-accuracy pressure sensor, general-purpose pressure transducer, liquid level transducer, anti-lightning/anti-corrosive liquid level transducer, special pressure transducer for air conditioner, refrigeration and compressor, special pressure transducer for oilfield and mining well, economical pressure sensor and transducer, ceramic capacitor pressure transducer, vacuum pressure transducer, sapphire pressure transducer, digital pressure transducer, micro differential pressure / air pressure transducer, intelligent digital pressure gauge, intelligent digital pressure switch, anti-corrosive pressure transducer, anti-explosive pressure transducer, hygienically flat-membrane pressure transducer, high-temperature pressure transducer, high-frequency pressure transducer, micro pressure transducer, integrated temperature transducer, and capacitance pressure transducer.

Core technology
Jiucheng has a professional software and hardware research and development team, and has been engaged in the forefront application and development of sensor-based instruments and meters for many years. in terms of sensors, controllers, and measurement and control systems, we have many national invention patents and utility model patents.

One-stop service
We not only solve the technical problems our customers face, but also have a mature production line and process control system. we have strong mechanical processing and manufacturing capabilities and can provide our customers with one-stop service with high cost performance.

Customized service
We provide products and design plans for more than 2,000 customers. according to the application characteristics of the customer industry, we can make the best design and manufacture for the appearance of products, operating software, circuit hardware, sensors, etc. to support the intelligent upgrading of customer products and solve the technical problems faced by customers in the industry.

High cost performance
The development cycle is only 1 / 2 of that of similar foreign companies.
The selling price of the product is only 1 / 3 of that of similar foreign products.
But it can provide after-sales service, software and hardware updates faster.

Pressure Sensors and Transmitters Application
Pressure sensors and pressure transmitters have been widely used in aerospace, military, petroleum, chemical, power plants, automation equipment manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

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