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In the beginning it was passion driving the founders to develop sensors with extraordinary quality and reliability and to provide unequalled customer service. It was with this vision and knowing that 'quality' by far exceeds the actual product that ifm started in October 1969.
Quality for us means far exceeding the actual product. All of our processes are focused on customer service and product quality. We personally support our customers - no matter where in the world and in which language. And if it has to be fast, our experts will provide competent support through our free service hotlines. We use our customers' feedback to continuously improve the quality of our products. In special test procedures we stress our sensors far beyond their limits to make sure that they keep what we promise in the customers' processes. In addition each product is submitted to a final inspection before it leaves our premises. This is a promise we take seriously and so we offer a 5-year warranty on each catalog product.

Pressure sensors

ifm's product range of pressure sensors offer different measuring principles, materials, and displays to meet the requirements of different industrial manufacturing plant operations across the United States. For pneumatic applications, ceramic-capacitive measuring cell is complemented by a stainless steel measuring cell with thin-film or thick-film wire strain gauges (series PK, PV, PT) and a piezoresistive measuring technique. ifm Pressure sensors are resistant to dynamic pressure peaks and guarantee high overload resistance even in the case of extreme pressure peaks that occur for example with fast closing valves. Electronic pressure sensors can prevent damage or downtime caused by wear and tear of mechanical moving parts, offering a longer lifecycle than traditional sensors that have critical failure points.  Their application areas range from simple monitoring tasks as an on/off switch to precise digital pressure rating measurements. Use the “Select By Application” tool to narrow your search for a pressure sensor based on media type, and read more about the underlying measuring principles and technology of a sensor group by accessing the orange “Learn More” button on the product group level. 

Almost all ifm pressure sensors have come equipped with IO-Link technology for close to a decade, allowing you to increase the amount of process data available to you and to log that data over time for trend analysis. This technology is truly plug and play for whenever you want to harness its power. Simply plug your sensor into ifm’s IO-Link masters and send your sensor data directly to your SCADA, MES, ERP, or CMMS systems for analysis through the IoT port without interfering with your existing PLC infrastructure.  IO-Link is the foundation of the fourth industrial revolution, commonly referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), underlying concepts like predictive maintenance.
Pressure sensors by application:

  • Hydraulic oils
  • Water based media
  • Compressed air
  • Gases
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Sanitary