HYDAC components can be found in all areas of industrial and mobile hydraulics. HYDAC solutions cool and lubricate gears in wind turbines, work in the tensioning hydraulics of modern machine tools, cushion the cabs on agricultural machinery, support the working hydraulics of excavators, and inspect and test the loading capacity of wings on the Airbus A 380.

HYDAC units adjust the parabolic troughs of solar energy plants or actuate valves and armatures in power plants. Vibrations in large-size diesel engines are damped by hydraulic accumulators, and the shaft movements on drilling ships are compensated for with hydraulic cylinders.

With fluid engineering and service, we are a competent and permanent point of contact for our customers.

Our supply program includes hydraulic accumulators, fluid filters, process filters, coolers, electrohydraulic controls/industrial valves, sensor systems for pressure, encoder measurement and solenoid technology, cylinders, pumps, mounting technology, armatures, Condition Monitoring and much more.

Pressure Sensors

Electronic pressure sensors are used for recording pressures in fluid technology systems. Functionality and form of execution are determined by the respective utilization conditions. In order to fulfil these requirements, HYDAC offers a comprehensive program from miniature pressure transducers to customer-specific multiple pressure switches.

Electronic pressure transducers record the measured pressure variable and convert it into a proportional output signal.

Electronic pressure switches record the measured pressure variable, process it and output a switching signal in accordance with the presetting.

  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Electronic Pressure Switches
  • Electronic differential pressure switch

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