Gometrics provides reliable calibration solutions and recording, regulating, alarm and control systems for the most common process magnitudes in the industry.

Gometrics has almost 50 years of history and has always been committed to providing the best service to the industry.

Our company’s strategy is to find the right balance between represented products and our own designed and manufactured products, thereby building up a large range of products related to instrumentation and process instruments calibration.

Pressure transmitter

The GM810 series is a range of pressure transmitters designed and manufactured by Gometrics for precision applications in the process instrumentation industry or machine design engineering.

The transmitter comprises a piezo resistive pressure transmitter built into a cylindrical stainless steel block that also contains a converter card that emits an electronic signal in proportion to the input pressure signal.
The instrument accepts any type of fluid that is compatible with the construction materials (316 stainless steel).

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