GHM Messtechnik GmbH

As a Center of Competence for measuring devices, indicators and regulators as well as temperature sensors and pressure sensors.. Current market trends are tracked here and taken into account in the development of new technologies. Hereby our long-established business can build on more than 35 years of experience. Our first products – at that time the first temperature sensor for monitoring hay stacks – precisely met the requirements of the market and formed the basis of our subsequent success. 

Our Field of work:

customized sensor designs from our state-of-the-art in-house sensor manufacturing organization
cost-effective indicators and controllers
hand-held devices and sensors with high system accuracy
fast measuring systems based on thermocouple as well as on Pt100/Pt1000 elements
EASYBus-System for a simple networking
temperature sensors for hygienic applications
solutions for hazardous areas (ATEX)

measuring transducers and hand-held measuring devices for varied pressure ranges – from the finest pressure measuring range with 0,1 Pa-resolution extending to hydraulic measurement with 1000 bar
solutions for hazardous areas (ATEX)

Water Analysis

measuring transducers and hand-held measuring devices with a broad measuring range
pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen for applications that involve life in water

Metrological Characteristics

gas analysis: Oxygen, CO and CO2 in gases
material moisture measurement in wood and building materials
EASYBus – easy 2-wire measurement bus for temperature, humidity and much more
easy measurement data acquisition for our hand-held measuring devices, displays and EASYBus-Devices

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