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Gems Sensors

Gems Sensors is a global supplier of sensing and control solutions. Gems designs and manufactures a broad portfolio of liquid level, flow, and pressure sensors, miniature solenoid valves, proximity switches and integrated fluid management solutions. From agricultural equipment to locomotives to medical devices, Gems products make a difference in the world you interact with every day.

Pressure Products

Gems offers a wide range of industrial pressure sensors, transducers, and switches. Each is ruggedly designed to address customer measurement challenges in hydraulics and pneumatics; water and wastewater; HVAC; OEM compressors and pumps; refrigeration systems; oil and gas; off-highway; machine tooling; medical gases; in-process control; and other applications.
Industrial pressure transducers are available with radiometric output for continuous real-time monitoring. They are also offered in gauge, absolute, differential, vacuum and compound types, and in standard ranges from vacuum to 10,000 PSI. High-temperature and submersible versions are also available.
The Gems portfolio includes chemical vapor deposition (CVD), sputtered thin film, capacitance, and micro machined silicon (MMS) pressure transducers. These technologies support a diverse range of requirements. Capacitance-based pressure transducers, for example, are ideal for higher volume use. Sputtered thin film pressure transducers are specified where the highest possible measurement accuracy must be achieved.
Rugged industrial pressure switches from Gems provide basic “On/Off” functionality, either factory set point or adjustable, for a broad range of price and performance compatibility. Depending upon selection, units can offer over 1 million cycles of reliable service. Repeatability ranges are typically from 0.25 percent to 5 percent of the set point. The unique design of Gems pressure switches incorporates a special diaphragm/piston mechanism. This feature combines the benefits of high proof pressure piston technology with high repeatability, along with added resistance to vibration, pressure spikes, and temperature variations. For especially tough environments, Gems further offers a CVD-based solid state pressure switch with a field-proven ASIC design. A full family of water pressure switches is also available, with high-reliability over a standard range of 2 to 6000 PSI.

Pressure Sensors

CVD Pressure Sensors 
Gems Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) pressure sensors provide an effective method of overcoming the often severe limitations of other low-cost pressure measuring products. A state of-the-art ASIC chip in each transducer provides greater linearity correction than traditional thermal compensation methods.
Series: 1200/1600, 2200/2600, 6700

Thin Film Pressure Sensors
Sputtered thin film technology provides years of worry-free measurements under demanding real-world conditions. Sputtered metallic strain gauge sensors have terrific thermal properties and superior stability specifications. Ideal for harsh applications demanding long-term service where precise laboratory-type measurements are required.
Series: 1100, 3100/3200, 31CS/32CS, 31EP/32EP, 31IS/32IS, 3800/3820, 4000, 4700

Capacitance Low Pressure Sensors
Capacitive sensors are simple, durable and fundamentally stable. Variable capacitor technology, a rugged physical configuration, stainless steel wetted parts and a careful marriage of the mechanical assembly to the electronic circuitry combine to create highly repeatable sensors with low hysteresis and only .5% long-term drift full scale per year, for low pressure applications. This large family of sensors includes models for positive pressures to 10,000 psi (700 bar), absolute vacuums, differential pressures, barometric pressure, low pressures (0-15 psi/ 0-1 bar), and clean-in-place 3A sanitary applications.
Series: 5000, 809, 830, 856, 865, 876, 890

MMS Pressure Sensors
These sensors employ a micro machined silicon (MMS) diaphragm to detect pressure changes. The silicon diaphragm is protected from the media by an oil-filled 316SS isolation diaphragm; they react in tandem to process fluid pressure. MMS sensors utilize common semiconductor manufacturing techniques that allow for high proof pressure, good linearity, great thermal shock performance and stability in a thin sensor package.
Series: 3500, 9600

Pressure Sensor Applications and Industries:
Agricultural, Alternative Energy, Food and Beverage, General Industry, HVAC/R – Boiler, Marine, Medical, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Process, Process Tank Gauging, Specialty & Off-Highway Vehicles, Transportation, Water & Wastewater

Pressure Switches

Adjustable Pressure Switches
Gems Sensors is a leading manufacturer of both adjustable pressure switches and factory set pressure switches. Some typical applications would be as an air compressor pressure switch where the compressor could be set with the adjustable pressure switch to complete the circuit (turn on the compressor) to increase the pressure and then turn off the air compressor pressure switch once the desired maximum pressure set with the adjustable pressure switch has been achieved.72 Similar settings with an adjustable pressure switch can be achieved with a water pump pressure switch where the water pump pressure switch can be set to control the water pressure within a desired pressure range.
Series: PS11, PS41, PS61, PS71, PS72, PS75, PS76

Vacuum Pressure Switches and Sensors
Vacuum switches are designed to open or close an electrical circuit when a predetermined set point is reached. Gems vacuum pressure switches are often used in demanding applications where extreme shock and vibration can occur. Typically, they can be found in HVAC/R, food and beverage, and medical industries.
Series: PS81, PS82

Solid State Pressure Switches
Offering exceptional accuracy and stability, these solid-state switches employ sophisticated sputtered thin film sensors. They provide excellent repeatability in high shock and vibration environments, and are superior to mechanical switches in high frequency cycling applications. An optional Communications Interface enables Set Point, Reset Point, and Time Delay programming in the field.
Series: 3600, PS98

Pressure Switch Applications and Industries:
Agricultural, General Industry, Medical, Power Generation, Specialty Vehicle/Off Highway Vehicle, Transportation