Gefran is strongly rooted in industrial automation and technological innovation endeavors. We are attentive and motivated in identifying highly effective solutions, building relationships that are successful and sustainable.

We collaborate with organizations invested in improving technological processes, with individuals committed to their professional, talent and competence development, and with stakeholders dedicated to working together to enhance the community and its surroundings.

Gefran’s industrial pressure transducers and transmitters measure the pressure of fluids (liquid or gaseous) in the applications required. In particular, Melt pressure transducers are dedicated to applications involving high process temperatures up to 540 °C.
Gefran’s range of temperature and process controllers ensure easy and accurate solutions for applications requiring single and multiple PID control loops. Moreover, the range of indicators with alarm thresholds provide a precise and clear view of the main process variables.

Temperature sensors must have the least effect possible on the values to be read and Gefran, in its wide range of thermocouples and thermoresistances, meets the measurement needs required by the various industrial sectors.


Gefran offers precision devices for measuring process variables: temperature, power, pressure and position. The primary elements are produced in clean rooms protected from any interference and equipped with hi-tech instrumentation.