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CRESSTO s.r.o.

CRESSTO s.r.o.

We are producing transmitters, gauges and modules for electrical pressure measurement. Mainly pressure transmitters with analog current, voltage output and/or digital with serial communication RS485, RS232, USB. Our company also offer digital pressure gauges with LED or LCD displays, that are battery powered or 230V 50Hz. Our devices are able measure pressure in nominal range from tens Pa to tens MPa, i.e. from one tenth mbar to hundred bar. Some products are available in Ex implementation - Intrinsic Safety, applicable in to the area with explosion hazards.

The basic branch, where the company CRESSTO s.r.o. has been working since 1992, is electronic measuring of pressure. The main program is development, manufacturing, application and sale of sensors, pressure transmitters, gauges and devices for measuring of pressure, where special technologies like anode brazing of silicon, laser trimming of thin resistive layers, technology of surface mounting, creation of high-pressure seals, etc. are used. All of this is supported by modern measuring and checking methods and procedures which secure a stable level of high quality of products and services.

The manufacturing program naturally consists especially of the standard line of products. At an agreement, it is possible to prepare customs variations of electric and mechanical parameters also for small amounts of pieces. It is also possible to prepare whole made-to-order products or devices. According to the type and variation, it is possible to measure relative, absolute and differential pressures in gases and liquids in nominal ranges from 100Pa to 60MPa.

The technological background enables the company CRESSTO manufacturing of different types of pressure sensors. Sensors with membranes from silicon or corundum ceramics are made. The piezoelectric principle of transmission of the measuring membrane deflection into the electric signal is used in all cases.

Special types of products are so called pressure measuring modules, which are a construction halfway between sensors and pressure transmitters. They are usually cheap variations without a case for building-in into the customer´s construction unit.

Products of the standard offer are especially pressure transmitters (transducers) of pressure to the normalized analogue electric signal – current 4...20mA, 0...20mA, voltage 0...10V. Some types of transmitters are equipped with the digital serial interface RS485, RS232 or USB. Variations with a two-state outlet or galvanic separated relay contact are also made. Transmitters are offered in many variations with different connection dimensions and case materials – stainless, duralumin, brass, plastic. They are used in many branches of industry, agriculture, transportation, medicine, pharmaceutics, heating, waterworks engineering, air-conditioning, etc. Some lines are approved for use in environments with the danger of explosions, especially for mine applications.

An important part of the assortment is also digital gauges. They are made in variations with a digital LCD display with a battery power supply, suitable especially for service, or with an external power supply, suitable for mounting on a panel or on the wall. Variations with shining LCD displays and rich software equipment are intended for building-in into device control panels or desk variations of gauges.

The company CRESSTO also offers in the form of special orders development and manufacturing of whole measuring and testing devices, which can be integrated into production lines. These devices are used especially for objective measuring, evaluation, recording, visualization, presentation and distribution of products parameters.

An separate branch is leakage detection by means of air pressure change in the closed volume of the tested product. These tasks are solved individually, either by usage of specialized instruments of the German company Cetatest GmbH or by a design and manufacturing of a made-to-order testing device or by a combination of both.

Special dedicated equipment for measuring pressure

The company CRESSTO s.r.o. also offers by means of special orders development and manufacturing of measuring and testing devices, where the main measured quantity should be pressure, but it does not have to be. Measuring can be extended with automated measuring of time, temperature, humidity, flow, weight, force, length, etc.

Co-operation on the measuring methodology, suggestions of suitable measuring and evaluating procedures, construction and manufacturing of the whole hardware including clamping jigs and connecting adaptors are usually a part of the order.

For the application control is usually used a computer, class PC, because it is very universal, commonly used and available, which decreases the requirements for the operators training and moreover, it can be used for other work while not measuring. The control programs can be used in different variations of PC, from a classical desktop, laptop, one-board computers up to industrial versions. It is possible to use different modern communication technologies, including wireless ones. Creation of application web interface with the possibility of remote access through the Internet, etc. is a commonplace. Our applications can work in networks and can use undisputable advantages of database data processing. The programs are designed with simple intuitive control and are used not only for measuring itself, but also for visualization, processing, evaluation, presentation and archiving, and also for distribution of the checking results of the tested components.

All applications are designed with respect to the possibility of calibrating the whole system, including monitoring the calibration intervals.