Regardless of the force with which a fluid acts on a surface, we offer a compact solution. Whether you want to measure the pressure of pure gases, vapors or corrosive fluids, in large or small volumes, we measure and control your medium pressure precisely.

Whether you are measuring the pressure of steam, gas, water or other fluids - we recognize the challenges you face and we meet your requirements with in-depth expertise and extensive experience.

To do this, we draw on our experience in measurement, control and regulating technology, which we then multiply across different applications and sectors to solve identical or similar challenges in the area of pressure measurement and control. This allows you to benefit from the wealth of experience that we maximize across all sectors and apply individually to your particular challenge. It also means that we know precisely which of our services combined with which physical principle offers the best solution for your application.

Our value-adding solutions help you realize your operational goals
By working in partnership with you, we develop a solution that is tailored to your particular problem relating to  measuring/controlling pressure. We advise, we listen and we understand your needs so that we can develop constructive ideas and creative solutions for measuring and controlling the pressure of gas, steam, water or other fluids in your application. As a solution provider, we build a relationship with you based on trust. We offer value-adding solutions to help you achieve your operational goals.

The interdisciplinary cooperation of Bürkert experts avoids unnecessary information losses and saves valuable time
For customers with whom we develop complete solutions for all aspects of measuring/controlling pressure, we are not only developers of fluidic solutions, but also experts in mechanical production, coil production, pump technology, plastics technology and welding technology. We are also tool-makers, hardware and software developers, switch/plant engineers, project managers and much more. We also handle all issues relating to worldwide certification. Providing customer-specific services not only means developing bespoke products, but also covering the associated production and logistics processes. The fact alone that you do not need to work with multiple subcontractors on the project delivers remarkable time-savings and reduces the number of interfaces substantially. In this case, it is irrelevant whether you need a standard system or a complex control system.

Series: Type 8312, Type 8318, Type 8763, Type 8325, Type 8316, Type TSD001