BD | SENSORS is a medium sized family run company that sets great store by independence and sustainability.
The variety of our products for pressure measurement is unique.

We have an exceptionally large range of standard and special products for the market. Based on the versatility offered by combining different enclosure materials with different sensor technologies.
Our strength, however, lies in our ability to perform even where no standards exist. BD|SENSORS will provide answers where individual solutions are in demand, even for small series production runs. This cost-effective solution will be implemented fast and flexibly and with technical competency.

Pressure transmitter

Based on different sensor technologies, combined with housing materials of stainless steel and various plastics, the industrial transmitters are suitable for almost all industrial gases and fluids.
Our industrial pressure transmitter may be adapted to almost any application due to a variety of electrical and mechanical connections.

Digital pressure gauges

With a great variety of mechanical and electrical connections, BD|SENSORS offers a new generation of digital pressure gauges for different applications. Due to the two sensor technologies in use (stainless steel sensor or ceramic sensor), our digital pressure gauges are suitable for nearly all fluids, pasty media and gases.
The display module is continuously rotatable, so that a clear readability is guaranteed even in unusual installation positions.

Electronic pressure switches

Due to the simple handling as well as the variety of software features (switching points and hysteresis freely configurable, delay function, Min/Max-value data  storage, display and analogue output signal scalable, etc.) the DS 200 / DS 400 series is especially suitable as an intelligent pressure switch for general plant and machine construction and the processing industry.