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akYtec GmbH

Who we are

akYtec was founded in 2010 by a group of enthusiastic engineers and designers of industrial automation products whose passion is in creating new values on a daily basis, whereas their biggest soul torture is any routine.

What inspires us

Our customers and their ambitious ideas are our source of inspiration. We are always extremely keen to embrace any ideas from you and develop them further together.
What unites us
Our engineers and creative customers share the same views and beliefs. We have a common understanding and have a mental connection with each other regardless the location.
What we create
We manufacture a wide range of devices for our customers to implement their creative, engineering tasks in the field of industrial automation.


We offer temperature-compensated microprocessor-based pressure transmitters with the industry-standard output signal of 4-20 mA. Depending on the device variant, we have pressure transmitters whether for the gauge pressure or for the vacuum pressure as well as the compound variants for both negative and positive pressure.
The reliable pressure transducers of akYtec are distinguished by a wide range of measuring ranges. For example, the supported range of gauge pressure goes gradually from 250 mbar up 40 bar on multiple devices.

All transmitters are equipped with a silicon digital pressure sensor, which ensures long-term stable pressure measurements, low hysteresis, high overload protection as well as a high measuring sensitivity and accuracy (max. 0.25% FSO). Thanks to the stainless steel diaphragm and enclosure our measuring transducers can come into contact with non-corrosive liquids, gasses, and vapors. In order to achieve good tightness, all devices have a minimum number of detachable connections. 

The device circuit boards are grounded to the housing as well as to the grounding contact of the electrical connector in order to increase the surge protection.
Our measuring transducers for gage pressure measurement have a very compact and robust design – 90 mm high together with the angular connector. This makes them easy to install even in places where access is difficult.

All PD111 devices feature IP65 code and three types of process connections: G1/2", G1/4" and M20x1.5, depending on the device version. As a result, they can be used in HVAC systems (for example in boilers, heat exchangers, heat meters, pump systems) as well as in general industrial installations, e.g. Biogas plants, dosing systems, recycling systems, and many others.

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